Who we are

Nefamz LLC was established in 2014 as an organization with the vision to cater to the needs of our clients on a macro level. Nefamz is a top leading service provider in General Consultation, Business & Property Management, Residential & Commercial Security Services, Information Technology, Residential Garbage Removal, and Marketing & Production of Organic fertilizers. Fertilizers derived from animal matter, animal excreta, and vegetable matter. We have established organic farms in different parts of the world (Africa, and North America), with the help of local farmers over the years, to help provide affordable health products. Nefamz manages and provides professional enlightenment to Individuals, Businesses and young entrepreneurs to operate more safely, productively and independently for little or no cost. In 2016, Nefamz formed partnership with organizations that share similar objectives and encourages cross-sector partnerships that can help our clients in making value-based decisions and a productive healthy lifestyle.

What we do

we work to establish global friendship, network businesses and prevent future wars.

Our Vision is to contribute in making the world more safer place by empowering our communities with dignifying livelihoods through social education, awareness programs, support through skill acquisition, General Consultation, Security Services, and Marketing


we developed cost-effective, evidence-based behavior change programs

We use an array of creative communication approaches to mobilize communities, catalyze dialogue, reduce risky behaviors, and create market-based strategies to make innovative solutions reach those who need them most.



you decide the direction of growth, we provide the roadmap to get there.

We have established organic farms in different parts of the world (Africa, and North America), with the help of US departments of Agriculture and Health along with local farmers.

Promoting Partnerships and Network

Nefamz promotes and markets specific organic, glycogen based, health products available for purchased at Nefamz Mart.  Nefamz contributed in developing the Washington DC Food Policy Council and Director Establishment Act of 2014, passed by the Congress. We raise funding for the farmers’ market. We work with United States Department of Health, APHA, and United States Department of Education to promote the importance of education and good health.

  • Cleaning and Gabbage disposal services
  •  Sales of Glycogen based organic products
  • Production and Sales of organic compost
  • Consulting and Security Services
  • Business and Property management
  • Legal Shield
  • Consumer Finance & Loans

Our experience

General Consulting and Marketing 87%
Information Technology Services 75%
Consumer Products 63%
Energy and Environment 50%

Our team

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