Cyber Security & Digital Forensics


Computer IT Security Audit: We carry out deep Penetration testing and vulnerability analysis on client’s network. You may frown at security audit but it is in your best interest to ensure they’re done right. Organization’s audit department may require it, partners or customers may request a security audit report before doing business with your company. A security audit is an efficient/technical assessment of the information technology security vulnerability of an organization by measuring how well it complies with standard practices. A careful audit through penetration testing and vulnerability analysis, commonly survey the security of the infrastructure’s setup and environment, software, procedures for handling information and client’s behavior. Security reviews are frequently used to decide administrative Intrusion / Prevention detection system and compliance in the wake of enactment, (for example, HIPAA, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and the California Security Breach Information Act) that determines how associations must manage data. Nefamz provides Information security systems management to mitigate risk and the danger of data exposure, modification, and destruction through malicious intrusion or natural disasters.