Freight Handlers

Freight Handlers and movement of goods

Our custom solutions are designed to meet your freight handling requirements for each warehouse and product you ship and store.

Our staff are dedicated, professional, and trained to handle the specific issues and challenges faced in your warehouse and operation. They are supported by on-site supervisors and a 24-hour call center staffed with trained customer service representatives. We are there when you need us.

reliable & safe

Freight in transit

We ensure that freights, and general goods under transit in our care receive utmost attention. Our team of professional courier handlers brings their professionalism to bear. Contact us for all your freight and general movement of goods.

Insured Client's goods

We protect goods under transit from loss. We have adequate insurance policy in place to mitigate eventual loss due to natural disasters and other unpredictable acts of god.

Handle with care

As soon as goods are received and documented by our team of goods handlers, they are properly packaged and stored in very safe and conducive environment. Our team of professional guard ensures perimeter surveillance watch over the facility.

Negative loss Protection

Through the use of an automated transaction monitoring and risk management system, Nefamz client’s will never be allowed to suffer unnecessary loss.

Extreme Transparency Policy

Our Extreme Transparency Policy ensures that the client receives a transparent price feed, transparent liquidity, transparent historical data, transparent market information at all times.

Best in goods handling

The total value of all of the client’s freight is considered and measured. We take very good care of fragile goods under transit and make safe and timely delivery.

Freight Handlers


Receive premium pricing for high volume services.

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No Dealing Desk

With Nefamz handlers, you’ll get no re-quotes, no dealer intervention, and fair order execution.

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State of the Art

We are professional handlers who take very good care of your goods.

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handle with care

satisfaction guaranteed

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