Networking & VoIP


VoIP | Voice Over IP Phone System Solutions | Collaboration

We design and implement Local Area Network -LAN and Wide Area Network- WAN to requirements.

Nefamz IT team is led by professional Cisco Network Engineers.

We design and deploy Cisco Voice Over IP/Collaboration communication technologies to enable you cut cost and maximize turnover.

VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, is gaining traction, and for good reasons. VoIP/ collaboration is a system of voice communication that transmit with video over IP based network. VoIP/Collaboration can  typically save you up to 30% compared to traditional phone bills with the flexibility and features available to  enhance your productivity, as long as you take advantage of them.

  Economical – reduce  telecommunication overheads.

  Dependable – a hosted system is monitored and maintained for you off-site.

  Convenient – answer calls in remote locations via laptop or forwarding to a mobile phone.

  User-friendly – intuitive and customizable.

  Your system can be customized with specifications -Voice over IP Telephony.