Organic Production


As part of our contribution to the healthy lifestyle Eco-system, we manufacture and sell organic compost to Organic farmers. Nefamz contributed in developing the Washington DC Food and Security Policy which was passed by the US Congress. The DC Food Policy Council is a coalition of stakeholders and government representatives who have come together to identify regulatory burdens on the local food economy, collect and analyze data on the food economy and food equity, promote positive food policies, and guide organizations and individuals involved in the food economy. The Food Policy Council Act established a Food Policy Director in the DC Office of Planning who will promote food policy in the District, attract new participants to the local food economy, assist individuals already participating in the local food economy, and achieve the food goals identified in the Sustainable DC Plan.

We promote and sale glycogen based organic products from our partners.

We give support to local farmers and make organic health products available.



Fostering of mutual understanding and tolerance among nations, prevention of diseases, promotion of healthy food habits.              Nefamz was granted several hectares of land by Washington DC government to cultivate organic crops and promote healthy living. Our thriving organic farms grow healthy crops for our communities.